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Looking for clones for sale in Oregon? Check out our selection of high quality clones. Delivered to your door. Cloud City Clones is #1 in Health and verification. You get what you order!

 Marijuana Plants For Sale in Oregon

If you’re looking for Cannabis plants in Oakland, you’re in the right place! Buy Clones Online now with our easy ordering system.

Best Selling Clones in Oregon

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“I really missed the Californian OG genetics, thanks for helping me.”

– Jesse

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We have the best clones for sale in Oregon. Our promise to you is healthy, mildew and mite-free clones every time. All orders are cash-on-delivery so you get to see your plants before you pay for them and have a 48 hour guarantee on plant deaths. We either replace, or refund. We understand as growers ourselves that wasted money on bunk genetics is the worst. We are here for you.

What Are Clones?

Cloning is the process of taking a healthy piece of a plant (called a cutting) and allowing it to grow its own roots using a rockwool cube. Thus creating   a plant genetically identical to the plant it was taken from. This does not change the cuttings genetics, rather duplicates the mother plant in every way.

Why Buy Clones?

When flowering it is a MUST to have feminized plants . Clones are the only way to guarantee this. Cloned from a female plant always means female clones. This saves a lot of time and money as none is wasted on a male crop, or waiting to test from seedlings.

Cloning maintains potency, flavors and aromas from your favorite strains.

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