Flower Gallery

Flower Gallery


This is a potent OG strain. A XXX and OG Kush cross that will blow your mind.  XXX Og has a pungent OG smell, with the famous skunkiness. The flower with thik orange hairs is impressive.

Grape Pie

If you're looking for a fun Grape Candy smell in your grow, Grape Pie is a great choice.

Animal Cookies

This strain is a Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG cross. Animal Cookies blossoms with dense frosty buds. With a sweet but also sour aroma, this is a tasty treat!

Lemon Heads OG

This strain is extremely aromatic! Whether it's on the branches growing, or being ground for consumption, the fresh lemon smells are potent!

Master OG

An indica-dominant strain that is a cross of Empress Kush and Master Kush. Master OG grows large, dense buds.  Use for relief of Pain, stress and Nausea. 

Ghost OG

Also known as Casper OG, a cross of Triangle Kush and OG Kush. Originating in the mountains of Afghanistan-Pakistan.  This strain can be very strong. Once you settle into it, it is relaxing.

Soul Assassin OG

An Indica dominant hybrid. This is a heavy hitting night cap, perfect for those with insomnia!  The real Soul Assassin has unknown lineage, other than OG Kush, as the creators have not disclosed the second parent.