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Grow your own Marijuana

Marijuana can be very easy to grow, it's called "weed" for a reason.  As long as you have the right environment and nutrients, you're golden.

Soon there will be Cannabis plants sitting on decks and window sills, without the stigma.  Dispensaries are already becoming a common part of our "high streets" Ha.

Any substance, illegal, legal or just stigmatized should be used in moderation. The Addicts, drunk drivers, pill poppers and people with drug induced mental issues give certain substances a bad rap.  With marijuana in the spot light, remember, it is still illegal to use in public, or drive under the influence, just like alcohol.

There are a few basics that the home grower needs to know.

This plant will only flower once on schedule with lights or what it things is the season.  You have to put the plant into a vegetative state for it to grow larger. This is done by putting the plant under light for 16 or more in a 24 hr cycle. The larger the plant, the larger the yield (Hopefully, if fed well with correct lighting and temperatures).

Grow your own Marijuana

When the plant reaches optimum size, switch to 12 on/12 off light schedule to flip to plant into flowering stages. During the dark 12 hrs make sure NO light touches the plant. A confused plant with turn Hermaphrodite and will begin seeding as it is now in survival mode. This ruins the flower.

Fabric pots are best as they breath and let excess moisture out.  In terms of medium, a small bag of organic potting soil usually will do the trick just fine. Peat-, coco-, or sphagnum-based mediums are also excellent choices. Remember to choose an airy medium that will allow air to penetrate the root zone. Roots breathe in oxygen, while the plant above ground breathes in CO2.

Keep in mind to steer clear of salt-heavy synthetics such as Miracle-Gro and other artificial nutrients, as they will cause build up and clogging.

Go as organic as possible, as you will be consuming this product.

To get started with your own plants visit our store for various sizes.

Call us for growing help or questions!

For a more detailed step by step guide visit High Times


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