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People are talking about the Green Rush.  Do you get involved financially, or continue to be the recreational user you know and love?  For many pot is a way of life, medicinal or recreational.  Before the Green rush (legalization) we were constantly on offense, giving op-posers the reasons why we NEED and want marijuana. . Fighting for the rights to alternative medicine, the right to feel good, and hurt no one.

Now that it is legal in many places, can we let our guard down? Play Offence for awhile?   The more money that goes into production, the more public it gets, usually the more stable and safe. Money is power regardless of how we think or feel about it.

There are many ways to dump money into the Cannabis movement.  There are stocks, Crypto-currency (Canna-coin, pot-coin, Cannabis-coin), new grows that need financial backing, grows that need master growers, marketer, sales, advertising, and much more.


You have to decide whether you want to get in on the green rush - As a Financial Backer, Employee, or simply continue to be a consumer.  All of these roles are important in the Marijuana Movement, we need to keep it growing in all ways.

So what are people saying about the new life of Marijuana Regulations and laws?


@dougducey @Arizona_DPS How much tax $ did NV pull in from recreational Marijuana in just 6 months? #LegalizeIt

The main focus is on revenue. Marijuana is heavily taxed, people want to know where that money will be used, fro good or bad?  Colorado seems to have used it to better schools and towns.  Will the rest of the country be so great?



We are calling on local prosecutors in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use to expunge the records…
I can believe the sentences some people endured that were Marijuana related. Now that we have begun releasing these prisoners, can we give them their life back?  Expunging records will help "Ex-convicts" in job placement and society in general.

RT @moneymorning: Experts Say One of These 3 States Will Legalize Recreational Marijuana Next #LegalWeed #Marijuana…
It's a slow process, but soon every state in the United States will have legal, recreational Marijuana.  Only then can we look back on all of this and laugh, or cry about how silly it all was.
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