What is RTF (Ready to Flower)

Ready to Flower

The time and money saver

By Cloud City Clones

We see and hear the term RTF or Ready to flower all the time.

Recenetly this size of plant is in high demand, and here's why.

Ready to flower plants are about 2ft or taller, they stable, ready to put outside or put on a flowering light cycle.

"I put my R.T.F. plants straight in my garden, within 8 weeks they had big beautiful buds on them ready for harvest."

This option is known for being a time and money saver.  For seed to 2ft would be about 3 months or more or the just rooted clone option would still take about 2 months.

Keeping a plant in veg mode, growing to R.T.F. desired size costs quite a bit of money, having lights on for 16 plus hours a day can be costly.

Feeding the plants from seed or clones through veg mode is a different set of nutrients.

Buying an RTF plant means 12 hrs of light indoor or just place outside in the sun. One set of flower nutrients, and about 8 weeks of care in total.

As stated earlier R.T.F. plants are a lot more stable than little seedlings (if they popped) or small rooted clones.

Cloud City Clones often has RTF plants on hand, or will take pre-orders for the same price, specifically growing the strains you request.

RTF option
Ready to flower

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All Teen orders including RTF sizes are pre-orders. We cut fresh from mother plants and transplant once rooted. Dismiss

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