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Cloud City Clones is proud to offer marijuana clones and cuts with verified cannabis Genetics. We’ve put in a lot of time to identify the best genetics and desirable phenotypes in order to provide our customers with the best possible product. Cloud City Clones offers only the best. Our clones are all feminized and pure genetics in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. You’ll also find a variety of cannabis seeds. No matter what stage of development that you want to start your legal medical grow, we’ve got you covered.

We Offer

Stable genetics that are easily identifiable. We serve the greater Los Angeles area as well as the majority of California – and we’re ready to answer any questions, work with you to match your needs, and provide great customer service to become your go-to growing collective. Start your marijuana grow today.

Marijuana Growers
We know what our growers want and need. Like us, they have a passion for quality. We spend up to two weeks preparing our clones. Each new tray of clones is labeled and monitored until we see that roots are visible. Nothing gets shipped before it passes the tug test. This means that our growers always get healthy rooted clones from us.
Cloud City Clones is Californias top grower. Supplying growers with a varierty of Genetics and sizes of clones for sale in California. We provide Growers with Top Genetics. Always Verified Female cannabis plants, This is what sets us apart from the other grows.

Our Clones are always Pest and Mildew FREE. We never send out infested plants, always healthy, always rooted. Marijuana plants are grown in conditions that we know can easily spread pests and disease, killing grows. Your time and money matters to us.

Our genetics are never placed on the market before they have been verified as the correct strain, with viable strong heretige. With the highest quality clones in California, we have always been directly hands on in our indoor nursery. Phenos are flowered, and inspected to ensure legitimate genetics.

So why buy clones online from us?
Cloud City Clones make it easy for anyone to grow. Seeds take much longer, and cannot be guaranteed femized. Our clones are 100% guaranteed female.
We cut the clones for sale directly from the strongest mother plants. The the cutting is domed and 14 days to grow roots, this means all clones are a genetic copy or the highest quality plants.

Quality has always been our top priority. We spend extra hours making sure the plants are well cared for, and all orders are put together correctly. We truly have the best clones for sale within our Sativa, Indica and Hybrid catagories.

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We are an honest and friendly grow. If we are sold out of specific strain, we will tell you, perhaps suggest a similar strain. We will NEVER change tags to make a sale.
Cloud City Clones has been named the number one cloners in California.

Shop for Cannabis plants online with our array of choices and forever expanding strain list.
Cloud City Clones Makes sure:

Our Plants are ALWAYS Feminized
Never sold before the desired 10-14 days it takes to show roots through Rockwool Cubes
Offers Cash on delivery
Delivers anywhere in California
Guaranteed mite and mildew free
Friendly staff prepared to answer questions and resolve any concerns you may have
All plants have a 48 hour Guarantee for replacement or refund. You must keep the plants for return.
Whether it's Old Skool Classics like Blue Dream or Tahoe OG, it's here. Buy Gorilla Glue #4 Clones, Sundae Driver, Sweeties, searching for quality clones, not cheap clones. You're in the right place. Our Cannabis clones for sale are always praised as being the healthiest and strongest, that customers have ever seen. Growing your own weed is rewarding and saves money

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Teen orders including RTF sizes are pre-orders. We cut fresh from mother plants and transplant once rooted. Dismiss