About Us

About Us

Cloud City Clones is the Number ONE source for Marijuana Plants and Seeds in California


  • Why us?

Cloud City Clones is proud to offer marijuana clones, cuts and Seeds with verified cannabis Genetics. We’ve put in a lot of time to identify the best genetics and desirable phenotypes in order to provide our customers with the best possible product. Cloud City Clones offers only the strongest, durable and most resilient strains.

Our clones are all feminized and pure genetics in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. You will also find a variety of cannabis seeds on our site.

No matter what stage of development that you want to start your recreational or medical grow, we’ve got you covered.

  • Growers

We know what our growers want. Like us, they have a passion for quality. We spend up to two weeks preparing our clones. Each new tray is labeled and monitored until we see that roots are visible. Nothing gets shipped before it passes the tug test. This means that our growers always get health root plants from us.


  • California

Cloud City Clones offers stable genetics that are easily identifiable. We serve the greater Los Angeles area, San Diego, as well as the majority of California.

We are ready to answer any questions, work with you to match your needs, and provide great customer service to become your go-to growing collective.

Start your marijuana grow today.

  • From Seed

We grow from Cannabis seeds, verifying the sex of our plants, then we clones those plants to save you time!

  • Rooted

We make sure all cannabis plants are good and rooted before we pass them onto future growers.

  • Schedule

All marijuana plants have been on a strict feeding and lighting schedule.

We are hear to provide growers with support and Marijuana plants

Grow your own supply of marijuana. Pick up 7 days a week! No payment is taken when ordering online.

Get Plants and Here

For seeds TEXT us at 424 262 8420. $125 for 15 seeds.

For strain information not found on our website please visit LEAFLY