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CBD Isolate VS. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

by cloudcityclones / on 28 September, 2020
CBD Isolate VS. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference? When you look for your next CBD product, you will probably find a wide variety of products to choose from. Although any well-made product will do the job, it is important to know the differences between

Organic CBD

by cloudcityclones / on 22 April, 2019
Why Buying Organic Oils is Important There are a lot of chemicals that can go into the process of growing almost any type of plant, fruit or vegetable. When a cash crop comes around, currently Cannabis/Hemp, people look for faster ways to grow, increasing

Unusual ways of benefitting from CBD

by cloudcityclones / on 1 March, 2019
Cannabidiol (CBD) products were a virtual unknown not long ago, but the attention they have received over the past few years means that now millions of people are taking CBD regularly around the world. Plenty of focus has gone on the medicinal properties of

When will Marijuana be Federally Legal?

by cloudcityclones / on 5 October, 2018
Could Cannabis become Federally legal in the United States? As we see individual States across the USA legalize Marijuana, we wonder if it will ever be ACTUALLY legal.  Cannabis has forever been in it’s own gray area. Is it medicinal, addictive, psychosis causing?  People

Trim V.S. Shake

by Lilu / on 23 February, 2018
When shopping around for flower, clones and edibles, we often see trim or shake, by the pounds for sale, and cheap! So what is Trim and is it the same as shake?     Shake Shake happens when your weed dries a little and

CBD Oil by CBD BioCare

by Lilu / on 6 February, 2018
Consider CBD Oils For awhile I have been researching all these new CBD oils that have been popping up, everyone and their dog are using it (quite literally). So why use CBD oils? Researchers are finding CBD has many of the same benefits of
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