Cryptocurrency and Cannabis

Two new, booming and unpredictable investments are Bitcoins (along with other cyrptocurrency) and Cannabis.  Some dispensaries even accept bitcoin as payment.

Cyrptocurrency is like stocks, the value of the different coins fluctuates constantly. You can mine for coins, or just buy them whole. Miners use special software that solves little math problem packets, in return they are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange.  You can use something called a faucet for smaller increments of manually viewing ads and clicking through captcha. Mining varies by how in depth and how much you want to spend on hardware.  Buying involves watching prices buying low, selling high.

As Cannabis becomes newly legal across the globe, there are grows and dispensaries popping up all over.  America’s cannabis market is said to reach a valuation of up to $50 billion by 2026., The Bitcoin surpassed all predictions at $4,000 per coin this summer of 2017.

Keep in mind that investing in anything is always a gamble.


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