Dabs, What are Dabs?

Dabbing has been around for about a decade.  For the old school smokers, this seems like some new fad.  It looks like a lab set up, with glass, goo and a torch.

So what is a dab?

It’s a concentrated Cannabis dose of extracted THC and CBD by using butane/carbon dioxide.¬† The amber, golden honey like goop is a dab.¬† Other extracts are called Wax and butane hash oil, and butters.¬† ¬†There are exclusively CBD extracts that are non-psychoactive, but the majority of dabbers prefer the quick, fully medicated potency of THC dabbing.

What are  Terpenes (Terps)

Commonly reffered to as terps “It’s all about the terps” that is aromatic (smells) oils that give cannabis its flavors that are also extracted.

Aromas are what give me comfort when it comes to the rituals of marijuana use.  This is why our senses play a big part in what draws us to certain strains.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see people consuming dabs it, is this safe? 

I found a mix of yes and no.¬† You need to know where your consumables are coming from. I suggest a legitimate dispensary and sticking to the suggested dosage. The popular saying “Too much of anything is a bad thing” comes to mind.

As it is almost impossible to overdose on Cannabis, there are chemicals from the extraction process and consumption that present health hazards.  There are also many cases of freak outs in the dabbing community as THC dabs are highly Psychoactive.

The biggest plus to Dabs from what I have read, is the fast acting highly concentrated doses of medication for medical patients.

Dab responsibly folks.

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