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Q & A's

Q: How does this Work?

A: Cloud City Clones has made the process of ordering clones online easy. 

You simply browse our strains, add them to cart, add all your imformation and wait for us to contact you (usually within 48 hours) to arrange delivery.  

Q: How Do I Pay?

A: All plants need to be paid for in cash upon delivery.  Keep in mind, You have the right to refuse delivery if the plants are not what you expected.

Q: Is There a Delivery Charge​?

A: There is indeed a flat rate delivery charge of $25

Q: Is there a guarantee on my plants?

A: Yes there is a 48 hour guarantee on all plants after they are delivered. Keep in mind that we will need the dead or wilting plants back in return for replacment plants or a refund.

Q: Do You Ship Plants?

A: The answer is a solid NO. Federal and state law prohibits us from shipping marijuana in any form.  We DELIVER plants to California residents only.

Growing Tips

Q: How Do I Keep My Plants in Vegetative Mode?

A: Every plant we provide is in Veg. Meaning: This plant will only flower once on schedule with lights, or placed outside.  You have to keep the plant in a vegetative state for it to grow larger and prevent flowering. This is done by putting the plant under light for 16 or more in a 24 hr cycle. The larger the plant, the larger the yield (Hopefully, if fed well with correct lighting, nutrients and temperatures).

When the plant reaches optimum size, switch to 12 on/12 off light schedule to flip to plant into flowering stages. During the dark 12 hrs make sure NO light touches the plant. A confused plant with turn Hermaphrodite and will begin seeding as it is now in survival mode. This ruins the flower.


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We do a cash on delivery service. Just order and wait for a friendly delivery person to contact you.

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