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Marijuana Clones for sale in California

If you’re looking for marijuana clones for sale in Los Angeles or anywhere in California;  you’ve come to the right place. We have the best selection of Cannabis clones and teens on the West Coast.  We deliver rooted, healthy Marijuana plants all over California! Pest and Mold free plants, guaranteed.

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Why Choose Cloud City Clones?

All of our genetics are from seed, verified and cloned.  We have an amazing selection of strains and sizes to meet the needs of all growers.

You will be contacted after placing a order to make arrangements for pick up and possible delivery.

Prices may vary due to supply.

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Cloud City Clones Nursery

Whatever you’re looking for: fast flowering, high yields, particular THC levels, classic strains that are everyone’s favorite, or variety in your grow, you’ll find it here.  Our simple but effective method for cultivating potent and high-quality strains means that you get what you want.  Every time.

The online platform we use is simple and sophisticated. It’s easy to find what you need. We offer the best genetics for marijuana clones for sale in California. Our customers are medical patients and breeders who expect quality, service, and consistency.

Buying Teens?

Marijuana Teens are more stable than younger clones.  On the back end, this will save you time and money. If a clone’s root system is too large, it requires more nutrients and water.  It’s also way more susceptible to transplant shock. When we sell mature plants, we eliminate this problem by transplanting them before they get to you.

Expedited Delivery

We can arrange for our discrete and friendly drivers to meet you anywhere in California.  There is a fee for the service and clones are boxed and arrive in great condition.

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Strain Hunters / Pheno-Hunters

We have a exotic strains imported and scouted from overseas and locally.  Our collective keeps the menu fresh with new flavors, but also has a backbone of OG’s.

Our Service

Cloud City Clones will deliver clones From San Diego, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside County, All Desert towns, Central Coast, San Luis Obispo, King County, Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco  and all of California and Massachusetts.  Los Angeles is our main hub, but we drive all over CA to provide marijuana plants to growers.  Our main focus is to provide people with healthy, safe cannabis plants. We have had many happy customers in the greater Los Angeles area and would like to continue expanding further up to Northern California.

Our collective strives to fix the strain market that is currently broken.  There has been so much label swapping  that no one knows what they are getting at the moment. We have started fresh from seeds, and verified genetics.  Lets rejuvenate the Pheno-hunters dreams and keep the strains legitimate.

More importantly, as medical patients ourselves, we know that certain strains do the trick for specific ailments. Having the actual strain that works for us as individuals is a must.  For Example: If you order Gorilla Glue (One of our personal favorites for insomnia) you WILL receive Gorilla Glue.


We guarantee the health of our clones. If you have any issues with your plants within 48 hours of receiving, please let us know.


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