Marijuana Clones and Seeds

Growing from Marijuana Clones and Seeds

With seeds you have first gen genetics, but this also takes a few months longer.  With Clones you have proven genetics, feminized.

When you buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank, there is still no way in knowing whether the seeds are feminized. A female plant can only provide female clones. You also know exactly what strains you are getting and have more choice in variety of strains to choose from.

Clone companies give you information on the strains, abilities in yield, potency, and optimal growing conditions for the strain.

Buying clones online is now easier than ever. With simple ordering on websites such as this one there are plenty of clones for sale out there. Simply order straight from the site, and Californian residents will receive their plants to their door.

You need to decide which strains you would like, whether it be hyper highs in the Sativa, or Relaxed Sleepy highs in the Indicas, we have them.

Each strain has different characteristics, to help with physical or emotional needs or wants.  We list information for each strain, but feel free to ask questions.  Cloud City Clones has been #1 for top selling clones in California for many years (even before we were called Cloud City Clones).

We support growers like you, with an understanding that your time and money are valuable. We are growers ourselves and understand the ups and downs of growing your own cannabis.  Browse our website with confidence, trusting that we will provide you with top shelf genetics, and the support you need throughout your grow.

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