Buying Clones in a Competitive Market

Buying Clones in Today’s Market

Who do you trust when everyone is competing with keywords like organic, clean, healthy and even feminized.  The majority of the time this is all just words used to grab our attention.  We have received mites, mildew and males most of which smell of the chemicals they have been sprayed with, clearly not organic.

The biggest issues are the fake strains. ¬†The dilution of strains due to name changing is growing each month! ¬†Bubba Kush with slim leaves? Girl Scout Cookies with big fat leaves? What’s going on with these companies?

The Marijuana industry used to be about helping each other in the cannabis community. ¬†Now for a lot of the new companies coming in, it’s about money grabbing for a few years until all bridges are burned.

We started Cloud City Clones with “treating others how we would like to be treated” in mind and we are sticking to it. ¬†We lose sales because we are sold out of the strains people want. We suggest other plants if we aren’t confident on how a specif plant is looking that day. ¬†We push back orders if our pot plants aren’t fully rooted. ¬†Marijuana clones should be rooted before being sold, as a clone can appear viable for a few weeks with no roots.

A Process

As a company that wanted to do things right, honest and up to our own high standards, we started over. Growing everything from feminized seeds. Then testing to see how each strain flowers.  This takes time, invested money and patience.  How many other companies do this? Do they find a old stash of mixed seeds, pop them and then sell them as the most popular strains? Probably. Can most people tell the difference between each Cannabis strain? Probably not.

When you order clones

Ask a lot of questions, request pictures of the actual plants you are ordering, up close pictures for detail.  If there is any power mildew, you will see it. Mites are obvious too. The tips of the leaves should all be green, no brown curling or bubbles on the leaves. Ask to see the roots, which should all be white and healthy.

Nutrients and Media

When you get you pot plants home, you should continue feeding them what they have been fed so far (Like a puppy).  They should remain in the media and pot size they are in for a few days at least. Until they acclimate to their new surroundings. Plants can go into shock very easily, causing wilting and sometimes death.


We hope some of this information helps you in selecting clones or larger cannabis plants. Remember, you do not have to accept low quality clones.  If they arrive and look wilted, or the colors are wrong, deny the delivery. Go elsewhere.

For ordering, or questions please call or text (424)262-8420 or email us at [email protected]

Current Marijuana grow laws: Click here

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