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Canada – Federally Legal Recreational Marijuana

Canada is now the second nation in the world to legalize recreational marijuana.  On Tuesday June 19th 2018 Canada opened up the Marijuana market. Bill C-45, AKA the Cannabis Act was created to keep cannabis products away from minors and to reduce marijuana related crimes. Uruguay was the first country to legalize sales, consumption and production […]

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Marijuana – The House Plant

Marijuana can be very easy to grow, it’s called “weed” for a reason.  As long as you have the right environment and nutrients, you’re golden. Soon there will be Cannabis plants sitting on decks and window sills, without the stigma.  Dispensaries are already becoming a common part of our “high streets” Ha. Any substance, illegal, […]

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Growing Marijuana in California- Prop64-Prop215

Recently there was a new proposition passed (Prop64).  This means that any adult 21 and up can grow up to 6 cannabis plants in a single residential home. If you grow outdoors it must be in an enclosed area, also not visible to the public. If you have your 99 plant rec, you should still […]

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