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What is RTF (Ready to Flower)

Ready to Flower The time and money saver By Cloud City Clones We see and hear the term RTF or Ready to flower all the time. Recenetly this size of plant is in high demand, and here’s why. Ready to flower plants are about 2ft or taller, they stable, ready to put outside or put […]

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Twitter – Tweets – Green Rush

People are talking about the Green Rush.  Do you get involved financially, or continue to be the recreational user you know and love?  For many pot is a way of life, medicinal or recreational.  Before the Green rush (legalization) we were constantly on offense, giving op-posers the reasons why we NEED and want marijuana. . Fighting […]

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All Teen orders including RTF sizes are pre-orders. We cut fresh from mother plants and transplant once rooted. Dismiss