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Hilarious Slang Terms for Marijuana

This month the DEA released a list of slang terms that they believe are commonly used to refer to street drugs. For Marijuana most of us refer to it as Weed, pot, refer, green… ect.. The DEA listed terms such as “Shrimp,” “Smoochy Woochy Poochy,” “My Brother,” “Popcorn,” “Arizona,” “Fluffy,” “Baby,” “Mowing the Lawn,” “Big […]

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Canada – Federally Legal Recreational Marijuana

Canada is now the second nation in the world to legalize recreational marijuana.  On Tuesday June 19th 2018 Canada opened up the Marijuana market. Bill C-45, AKA the Cannabis Act was created to keep cannabis products away from minors and to reduce marijuana related crimes. Uruguay was the first country to legalize sales, consumption and production […]

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Federal Legalization at Glacier Speed (Slow)

The last ten years have been revolutionary for marijuana legalization, with more than 40 cannabis-related bills floating around the House of Representatives alone in this Congress, along with countless others in the Senate, numerous decriminalization bills already exist, yet we can only hope for legalization and/or decriminalization in our near future. State and local levels move quickly, yet […]

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