Warchild Strain

Warchild Strain

At Cloud City Clones strain is one of our most favorite Hybrids.

With high yielding potent plants, this is our number one for flower.   This strain is a rare one, so you wont find much information about it elsewhere. The write ups we have seen vary a lot, as people are quite sure of the crosses. So we got our clones from the main source and have loved it ever since.

Warchild Strain Clones

This strain has a great cross of Blissful Wizard and Gorilla Glue. This flower usually has a THC % of about 30-34, which is pretty high.

Blissful Wizard is by The Captain’s Connection and is a very potent Captain Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies mix.  Blissful Wizard is known for relieving many symptoms such as: Anxiety, Nausea, Apatite loss and Pain.

Girl Scout Cookies is a classic loved by many, this strain is a medical patients usual go to as it gives quick relief to pain, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety and more.  This strain has won many cups and will continue to be an all time favorite.

Warchild is a quick rooting, strong plant that always looks great. The leaves are usually small in bunches, with lots of nodes making this strain great for flowering.

If you would like to flower your own Warchild Marijuana Plants, please:


You can also call/text (424)262-8420 to order or for growing question.

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