Cannabis Seeds

Below represents our main strains list. We carry other genetics in form of marijuana plants, but this menu of strains is what our breeders have produced for internal nursery distribution. Buying seeds online is the best option for patients who prefer to grow from seed, rather than clones. Clones just save time, with no worries about sprouting delays.

Seeds are $125 for a pack of 15.

3 strains Max for each pack.

To place a seed order please enter the desired strains and your contact information by clicking here.

Available Strains

 Animal CookiesHybridAdvanced
 BC Big BudIndicaEasy
 Black Cherry SodaIndicaAdvanced
 Blue DreamHybridEasy
 Bubba KushIndicaEasy
 Casey JonesSativaMedium
 Fire OGHybridMedium
 G-13 DieselHybridMedium
 Girl Scout CookiesHybridAdvanced
 Gorilla Glue #4HybridMedium
 Grape ApeIndicaAdvanced
 Green CrackSativaMedium
 Jack HererSativaMedium
 Larry OGHybridMedium
 Lemon SkunkSativaEasy
 Master KushHybridEasy
 Northern LightsSativaEasy
 OG KushHybridMedium
 Platinum OGIndicaMedium
 Purple HazeIndicaAdvanced
 Purple KushIndicaMedium
 Purple Mr. NiceIndicaAdvanced
 Purple WreckIndicaAdvanced
 SFV OG KushIndicaMedium
 Skywalker OGIndicaMedium
 Sour DieselSativaEasy
 Strawberry KushHybridMedium
 Strawberry CoughSativaMedium
 Sundae DriverIndicaAdvanced
 Sunset SherbetHybridAdvanced
 Tahoe OGIndicaMedium
 Wedding CakeIndicaMedium
 White WidowSativaMedium
and more!

Auto-flowering strains:

Green Headband
Hindu Skunk
Monster Kush
OG Kush
Snow Ryder
Super 90
White Widow

CBD Strains:



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