Marijuana Clones for Sale – Michigan

Cloud City Clones Nursery now has Marijuana Clones clones for sale in Michigan!

Seeds are also available.

If you are looking for Marijuana clones, AKA Weed Clones you dont need to go to a dispensary.

We meet/deliver and are fast, friendly and reliable.

Order online, text to order, or email. Text us at (424)262-8420 Email: [email protected]

Quick Order Form can be used to order specific strains from this list, or for questions.

Strains and prices vary by area.

Michigan’s Clones for Sale Online Strains are:

24K Gold
3 Kings
Afghan Kush X Super Skunk
Alaskan Thunderfuck
Alien Og
Ancient Chinese Secret – Phil
Apple Fritter (Sour Cindy x Animal Mintz)- Brandon
Bacio Gelato – Brandon
Black Water Skunk OG
Blue Cookies
Blue Dream
Bubba Gift
Bubba Kush
Chemdawg 4
Cherry Pie
Clemintine aka Orange Fanta (keeper smaller buds)
Do si Do – Jack
Durban Poison
East side OG (funky chunky stinky asf keeper)
Fire Og
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Zkittlez
Gary Payton – Adam (keeper huge lime green stinky)
Gary Payton – Brandon 1.1.22
Gelato 33 – Adam (fire keeper)
Gelato X Gorilla
GG4 – Jack
GG4 – Mell
GG4 – Mike (keeper)
GG5 – Brandon
Girl Scout Cookies
GMO Cookies – Mell (nice squat cookie keeper)
Gorilla Breath – Thugpug
Gorilla Glue 12
Gorilla Glue 4
Granddaddy Purple
Grape Ape
Grape soda (light berry lavender keeper) aka killer grape
Grapefruit Diesel – Joe Armless (keeper nice structure smells nice)
Grease Monkey
Gsc X Kush
Gusherz – Mell
Ice Cream Cake
Jack Herer
Kandy Kush
Kush Mintz
Kush Mintz (Bubba x Animal Mintz )- Mell
La Confidential
Lambs Bread
Larry Og
Larry OG – Mike (keeper)
Legit Runtz – Brandon (stinks like f*** amazing sweet Candy gas loud)
Lemon Diesel #1 (nice early structure frosty chunky out the gate – keeper
Lemon Diesel #3
Lemon Diesel #5 (chunky. Squat. big fat indica leaves. lime green buds. pink purple pistils. smells super strong skunky. frosty Asf. early finisher,keeper)
Lemon Tree
Mac 1
Mac 1 – Brandon (legit keeper frosty asf )
Mac 1 – Jack (keeper stinky fruity)
Mac 1 x Project 4516
Master Kush Ultra
Mimosa – Symbiotic Genetics – Cannabis Seed Breeder (keeper)
Moby Dick
Moby X Dosido
Northern Critical
Northern Lights
Northern Lights 5
NY Diesel
OG Kush
Oreo Cheesecake – Brandon (Mac 1 x Oreoz)
Oreoz – Brandon (Super fire frosty top shelf)
Peanut Butter Breath
Petro Runtz – aka gas runtz – Brandon
Peyote Cookies
Platinum Glue #1 bigger nice structure frosty and stinky keeper- aka silverback gorilla. In-house (6 x 1)
Platnium Glue #2 (frosty small stinky keeper) aka silverback gorilla – In-house (6×2)
Purple Gelato
Purple Haze
Purple Kush
Purple Punch – Symbiotic Genetics – Cannabis Seed Breeder
Purple Starburst- Adam (keeper)
Runtz – Mell-Authentic Berners cut
Runtz 22 Brandons latest
SFV – San Fernando Valley Og
Shotgun Wedding 1 (larger better structure early)
Shotgun Wedding 2 smaller still nice structure early – keep
Skittles – Adam (keeper fruity candy berry smell)
Skunk #1
Sour Diesel
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Cough 2 – Phil (keeper)(Frosty asf)
Strawberry Snow Cone – Lance (Frosty early finisher)
Strawberry Syrup (Strawberry x Cookies and Cream x GG4 x Cookies & Cream)- Exotix
Sunday Driver
Sunset Sherbet
Super Glue
Super Silver Haze
Tahoe Diesel # 1 aka Jetski # 1 (big beautiful structure)
Tahoe Diesel # 2 aka Jetski # 2 (big beautiful structure)
Tahoe Kush
Tahoe Og
Tropicana Cookies – Mike (fire super frosty asf fire keeper)
Tropicana Cookies Purple
Truffle Butter – Adam (primo shit top top shelf keeper)
Vanilla Frosting (OG x Gelato)- HSC
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake aka Triangle Mintz – Mell
White Widow – Hashbrick (Juicy Fruit pheno)
Windy Dog
Red Kush
OG Kush RBX (Ethos)
Red Skunk Kush

As you can see we have indica sativa and hybrid clones

Clones for pick up and delivery in Michigan are $50 each.

We also have larger plants ranging from 8-18 inches and prices vary by size.

Clones for Sale
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