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“I wasn’t sure where to find good genetics on the East Coast, Cloud City Clones has a GREAT variety of my favs from back home in California. Clones were delivered to my door, healthy. Thanks guys!”

– Jason, Cambridge, MA

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What Are Clones?

Simply put, marijuana clones use cuttings from a plant to create a genetically identical plant. The offspring is the exact same as the parent. Because marijuana strains are so unique when it comes to yield, potency, and attributes, using clones ensures that you’ll always know what you’re getting.

For those looking for a more science-y explanation, cannabis cloning, or “taking a cutting”, is a method of propagation through asexual reproduction by cutting and rooting a shoot of a parent plant.

Cloning of any plant allows you to select those plants that have particularly desirable properties and characteristics and multiply that exact plant. Though cloning happens often in the wild, taking a cutting lets you speed up the process, use a secure setting guaranteed to support growth, and study the plants that you want to propagate.

The original plant is known as the mother plant, and each clone has only one parent. It’s best to take the cutting from the mother while it’s in a vegetative state. It is possible to do it while it’s flowering, but this takes longer and will probably reduce the quality of the clone. Experienced growers keep plants in various cycles of growth so that they always have some flowering and some vegging.

Why Buy Clones?

First, this is the only way to guarantee the gender of your marijuana plants. Clones are genetically identical to the mother so you can’t go wrong when you take a cutting. No more losing half of your crop during cultivation because they are male or “feminized”.

Second, you’ll save a ton of money on seeds. You’re also going to shave weeks off of your grow time because you don’t have to wait for seeds to germinate. You’ll be able to produce large quantities of individual plants that quickly move from clone stage to plant stage instead of waiting for plants to move from seed stage to plant stage.

The ultimate benefit is that when you have a good tasting, potent, high yield plant that you enjoy using, you can replicate it to create as much as you want. There is almost no loss of potency. Cloning is the easiest and fastest way to set yourself up as a successful grower.

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