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CBD Isolate VS. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

CBD Isolate VS. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference? When you look for your next CBD product, you will probably find a wide variety of products to choose from. Although any well-made product will do the job, it is important to know the differences between them. Many people opt for the use of smokable Hemp flowers […]

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We all love houseplants, and if you’re here chances are you love marijuana too! Lets combine the two! The term “Cannabonsai” is an obvious combo of Cannabis and Bonsai. It is an sculptural art form is a celebration of both growing cannabis and traditional bonsai art. Customizable cannabonsai projects come in all shapes and sizes, […]

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Propagating Marijuana – How to Clone

Cloning Marijuana and growing marijuana Cloning is the process that produces genetically identical species. When it comes to plants, cloning is also commonly known as propagation. Cloning aims to meet the growing demand for a plant. Also, cloning is a possible answer to preserve a plant’s genetic architecture. A significant advantage or an essential aim […]

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Coronavirus and Marijuana Use

The Where and How Guide to Growing Marijuana

Grow Your Own Marijuana 5 Things To Remember While Growing Marijuana For people planning to grow marijuana plants either for commercial or personal use, it’s critical to observe certain measures to grow them effectively. There’s a huge room for choice when it comes to the cultivation of the marijuana plant. It calls for diligent research […]

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How to Clone Marijuana

Everything you Need to Know Experts are all set to help the cultivators produce extensively large varieties of Marijuana plants in large quantities. Cloning is another technique that contributes to cultivation. Cloning refers to a process characterized by cutting a tiny piece of the healthy Marijuana plant. The best part is that clones have the […]

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Cannabis as an Essential Business During the Pandemic – Marijuana Use

Marijuana Use During the Pandemic The world we live in today offers us lots of beautiful things designed to make our stay on earth joyful. However, the advent of many health-related ailments and diseases has consumed the lives of millions across the globe. Despite these struggles and hard times, many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts found […]

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Marijuana and stress relief

Benefits of Marijuana for Stress Relief Marijuana has started garnering people’s attention due to its tremendous medicinal properties for treating a variety of disorders. Stress is a mental disorder that could be dangerous if it goes untreated. Different medicines were used widely for treating this mental illness, but in addition to beneficial effects, they also […]

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Use of Cryptocurrency in the Marijuana Industry

Use of Cryptocurrency in the MarijuanaIndustry Over the past couple of years, the Cannabis industry has been rapidly growing, making ways to countless opportunities. The revolution of the cannabis industry started after its legalization in most countries, including the US. Though this legalization led many investors and entrepreneursto step into this ever-growing business, it also […]

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Why you should grow your own
Legalizing medical and

Legalizing medical and recreational cannabis in most states including California has enabledmany consumers to access legal cannabis from dispensaries or online cannabis stores. But theopportunity of cultivating cannabis for medical patients and adults is even more fascinating.Though the laws and regulations vary from state to state, almost every state with legalizedmarijuana allows home cultivation to […]

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