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Marijuana Plants Shipped to Your Door – We can now ship anywhere in the United States!

As of April 2022 the DEA has deemed that plant material such as clones or seeds that do not have over 0.03% THC (Which plants do not, until they bud/flower)

They are covered under the farm bill and considered hemp.

For those who cannot get to our nurseries whether you live in California, or on the East coast, we can ship them directly to you.

We have a guarantee LIVE delivery insurance option, meaning we will reship for free!

Clones Shipped - We ship marijuana plants to your door. Grow your own marijuana,

These prices include the clones, shipping materials (clone shippers, packing material and box) and priority shipping (2 day shipping). ONCE THE STRAINS ARE ROOTED. These are LIVE plants, please be patient if the strains you want aren’t rooted as this can take a FEW DAYS extra.

Prices negotiable within reason, all quantities also available.

  • $40 with $15 2 day priority shipping.
  • bulk pricing available on larger orders contact us for more details


Please message us below with your shipping request and we will contact you (usually by text or email) shortly to discuss strains, take payment and confirm shipping address.

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