Clones for Sale in Orange County


Marijuana Clones For Sale in Orange County

We offer the best selection of clones for sale in Orange County. Order online for safe, secure delivery of healthy, rooted clones anywhere in OC.

Best Selling Clones in Orange County and surrounding areas

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What Our Orange County Customers Are Saying

“5 star service. Delivery guy was on time and the cuts were healthy and taken care of. Would use again.”

– Sean S., Santa Ana

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We have the best clones for sale in Orange County. Our guarantee to you is healthy, mildew and mite-free clones every time. All orders are cash-on-delivery so you get to see your plants before you pay for them. We want you to be satisfied (and even thrilled) to be doing business with us. If you have problems or concerns after your purchase, we’ll work with you to correct the situation.

What Are Clones?

Simply put, cannabis clones use cuttings from a plant to create a genetically identical plant. The cutting grows into an exact duplicate of the mother plant. Because of the uniqueness of marijuana strains, creating clones eliminates the chances of variations in potency, attributes, and yield.

The scientific process of cloning is to remove a shoot from a healthy adult plant and root the shoot in the soil. Cloning allows you to select plants in order to preserve the specifically wanted characteristics and properties of that specific plant by copying it. While cloning occurs often in nature, taking a cutting lets you to speed up the process, use a secure environment guaranteed to support growth, and evaluate the plants that you want to propagate.

Every new plant propagated has only one parent, referred to as the ‘mother plant.’ Ideally, cuttings are taken during the vegetative stage of the mother plant Cuttings taken from a flowering mother plant are less likely to meet quality standards and require additional time for development. Ideally, growers should maintain an inventory of plants at different stages of growth to maintain a selection of vegging and flowering plants available.

Why Buy Clones?

First, this is the only way to control the gender of your marijuana plants. Clones are genetically identical to the mother plant so you can’t go wrong when you clone. You will no longer need to worry about crop failure due to male or ‘feminized’ plants.

Second, you’ll save a significant amount of money on seeds. You’re also going to shave off weeks of your growing time since you do not need to wait for seeds to germinate. You will be able to increase the volume of plants quickly by removing the requirement of wait for plants to move from seed to plant stage.

Ultimately, it is about finding that potent, high yield, good tasting plant, and being able to duplicate as much as you want of it. Clones retain nearly all of their potency Cloning allows new growers to get established quickly and easily.

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