Clones for Sale in Riverside

Marijuana Clones For Sale in Riverside

We offer the best selection of clones for sale in Riverside. Order online for safe, secure delivery of healthy, rooted clones anywhere in Riverside.

Best Selling Clones in Riverside

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What Our Riverside Customers Are Saying

“Hands down the best clones I’ve ever received from a nursery and I’ve ordered from all of them. It’s always a little sketchy ordering from a new place IMO but all 30+ clones looked better than I expected.”

– Robert N., Corona

How It Works


Order Online

Choose the strains, quantity, and size of the plants you want delivered.



A representative will contact you to confirm the delivery location and time.



One of our friendly drivers will arrive with your order at which time you can inspect the plants and make your payment. Totally risk free.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have the best clones for sale in Riverside. Our guarantee to you is healthy, mildew and mite-free clones every time. All orders are cash-on-delivery so you get to see your plants before you pay for them. We want you to be satisfied (and even thrilled) to be doing business with us. If you have problems or concerns after your purchase, we’ll work with you to correct the situation.


Our nursery is well known as the top growers for Marijuana Plants in California. We verify our cannabis genetics through flowering. The strains we provide to you are the legitimate genetics that you order. This is what sets us apart from the others, we are Honest and Friendly. We have watched our competitors make the sales with bogus genetics, giving the customer whatever they have in stock and changing the labels. We will NEVER do this. Cloud City Clones will take sold out products off of our site, or inform you that you eill have to wait for that strain. 

Cloning is a fast and easy way for growers to grow new marijuana clones. Our clones for sale are cut from high quality parents, given approximately two weeks to grow roots of their own, and then carefully boxed and delivered to our customers. Each marijuana clone is a genetic copy of the parent. Unlike growing from seeds which may result in variations in each plant.


We Pride ourselves in knowing that our clones are the best quality. We understand how much work, money and emotion goes into growing. We are growers, not brokers.


Clones are taken from our large healthy mother plants, meaning the stable genetics and potency is passed on.


THE Cloud City Clones DIFFERENCE

Our values are what make us successful. We strive to produce the most potent clones for sale around, for our wide variety of clients. Whatever you need, we’re your number one source for clones and teens. We have all the old school strains, but we are always on the lookout for what’s popular with our customers.

Cloud City Clones is the #1 provider of clones for sale in California and has been over a 10 years. This a result of our high standards, superior genetics, and providing each client with healthy, clean plants.


Shop online and buy Clones in the varieties in sizes and strains that you desire.We will then deliver  the plants directly to you, or to a public place. This takes out the sketchy craigslist and weedmaps deliveries or meetup. We’re always discrete with boxed plants, very friendly, and easy to contact.


  • Our Plants are Always female
  • Always rooted and stable
  • Cash on delivery
  • We Deliver Anywhere in California
  • Clones are roughly 4-6” tall and in Rockwool cubes. If we provide you with teens, these will be in Coco filled Cups or gallon pots.
  • We Guarantee all of our plants to be PM and Mite Free. No pests, no mold or we replace!
  • Our staff is great, always willing to answer questions, honest answers and fast deliver.

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  1. I need 24 clon

    1. If you live in California, place an order for your 24 clones and we can deliver them to you.

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All Teen orders including RTF sizes are pre-orders. We cut fresh from mother plants and transplant once rooted. Dismiss