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Marijuana Clones For Sale in San Diego

We offer the best selection of clones for sale in San Diego. Order online for safe, secure delivery of healthy, rooted cannabis plants anywhere in San Diego.

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“Top quality clones with a great selection of strains and fast delivery. Thanks.”

– Ted R., San Diego

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We have the best clones for sale in San Diego. Our guarantee to you is healthy, mildew and mite-free clones every time. All orders are cash-on-delivery so you get to see your plants before you pay for them. We want you to be satisfied (and even thrilled) to be doing business with us. If you have problems or concerns after your purchase, we’ll work with you to correct the situation.

What Are Clones?

A clone is a new plant that has been grown from plant material taken from another live plant, instead of being grown from a seed. The offspring is identical to the parent. Because marijuana strains are incredibly unique when it comes to yield, potency, and attributes, creating clones ensures that you’ll always know what you’re getting  .

For those looking for a more scientific explanation, marijuana cloning, or Taking a cutting is the process of propagation through asexual reproduction by removing and rooting a shoot of a healthy adult plant. By utilizing the cloning method, and creating new growth of the same plant, growers can maintain the desirable characteristics and properties of the chosen plant. Though cloning occurs often in nature, taking a cutting lets you to improve the process, create a stable environment guaranteed to support growth, and study the plants that you want to propagate.

The mother plant is a name for the original plant chosen for cloning, and each clone has a single mother plant. Taking cuttings while the mother plant is vegetating is the ideal time. Cuttings can be taken during the flowering stage, although this increases the timing of the process and raises the risks of poor clone quality. Experienced growers keep plants in various cycles of growth so that they always have a selection of some flowering and some vegging.

Why Buy Clones?

First, this is the only way to control the gender of your marijuana plants. Cloning makes a duplicate of the mother plant that removes the risks of an inferior plant. No more losing half of your crop in cultivation because they are male or feminized.

Second, not buying seeds will save you tons of money. Also, cuttings do not have to germinate, this saves weeks of valuable growing time. You will be able to increase the volume of plants quickly by removing the requirement of wait for plants to move from seed to plant stage.

The ultimate reason is that when you have a good tasting, high yield, potent plant that you enjoy using, you can replicate it to grow as much as you want. The potency loss of clones is minimal. To easily and quickly get established as a grower, cloning is your best bet.

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