Clones for Sale in San Francisco

Marijuana Clones For Sale in San Francisco

We offer the best selection of clones for sale in San Francisco. Order online for safe, secure delivery of healthy, rooted clones anywhere in San Francisco.

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What Our Bay Area Customers Are Saying

“Got some soul assassin and some tahoe OG and both look good. Already putting off a nice smell and were easy to transplant. Cant wait to pick the first buds off these plants. Thanks.”

– Jackson D., San Francisco

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We have the best clones for sale in Sacramento. Our guarantee to you is healthy, mildew and mite-free clones every time. All orders are cash-on-delivery so you get to see your plants before you pay for them. We want you to be satisfied (and even thrilled) to be doing business with us. If you have problems or concerns after your purchase, we’ll work with you to correct the situation.

What Are Clones?

Simply put, cannabis clones use cuttings from a healthy plant to create a genetically identical plant. The new plant is identical to the plant used for the cutting. Cloning guarantees that each new plant maintains the unique attributes, potency, and yield of the strain by leaving nothing to chance.

For those wanting to know more, cannabis cloning is a propagation process that uses asexual reproduction by way of removing a plant shoot from a healthy adult plant that is then planted and develops into a young new plant. Cloning of any plant allows growers to select those plants that have specific desirable properties and characteristics and duplicate that specific plant. Though cloning happens often in nature, taking a cutting allows you to speed up the process, create a stable setting guaranteed to support growth, and evaluate the plants that you want to propagate.

The original plant is known as the ‘mother plant,’ and each new plant has only one parent. Taking cuttings while the mother plant is vegetating is the ideal time. It is possible to do it while it’s flowering, but this takes longer and will probably impact the quality of the clone. Seasoned growers keep plants in varied cycles of growth so that they always have a selection of some flowering and some vegging!

Why Buy Clones?

First, controlling plant gender is necessary for a healthy crop, and cloning is the only way to guarantee gender. Clones are genetically identical to the mother so growers can’t go wrong when you take a cutting. Cloning protects crops from risk of loss because of ‘feminized’ or male plants.

Second, not purchasing seeds will save you a significant amount of money. You’re additionally going to shave off weeks of your grow time since you don’t need to wait for seeds to germinate. This allows for the creation of larger quantities of plants that progress into adult plants rapidly versus waiting for seed to adult plant development which takes more time.

The best reason to buy clones is the ability to replicate your favorite potent, high yield, good tasting plants. The potency loss of clones is minimal. Cloning is the easiest and fastest way to establish yourself as a successful grower.

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