Month: August 2017

Why Are Clones Better Than Seeds?

Unfortunately, acquiring seeds legally in the U.S. is difficult. A low key and cost effective way is to get them from fellow growers. This means that not only will you stay under the radar, but you’re using a trusted source. No surprises about growth periods, harvesting, etc. If you’re the only grower you know you […]

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Marijuana Varieties, Species, and Strains

Marijuana is an annual plant. It’s one of the few annuals to have both sexes – meaning plants will come in male, female, and sometimes hermaphroditic varieties. There are three main species: Sativa – generally grows tall with thin pointed leaves without patterns on them. Users will experience an energetic and cerebral high Indica – […]

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Time To Grow!

Because of its relatively short lifespan (about three to six months), marijuana is both fun and rewarding to grow. Not only do you have an incredible product at the end, but it’s easy to observe and get familiar with the cycle – from germination to harvest. Beginners often assume that the growing process will manage […]

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