October 2017

OG Strains

What are OG strains? Anything crossed with OG Kush is usually classed as an OG.  Og Kush is an West Coast old school favorite to many of the seasoned smokers. Og Kush is crossed with so many different strains, that make up a massive OG family.   It is said that OG Kush came from

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Dabs, What are Dabs?

Dabbing has been around for about a decade.  For the old school smokers, this seems like some new fad.  It looks like a lab set up, with glass, goo and a torch. So what is a dab? It’s a concentrated Cannabis dose of extracted THC and CBD by using butane/carbon dioxide.  The amber, golden honey

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It’s time for Indoor Growing!

‘Tis the season for indoor growing! For those of us that have no outdoor space, it’s always indoor season! Time to start thinking about the electricity bill versus harvest payout. You’ll need to make sure you are getting healthy cannabis clones from a reputable source.  Chose a clone company that has pictures of their actual

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