How to Clone Marijuana

Everything you Need to Know

Experts are all set to help the cultivators produce extensively large varieties of Marijuana plants in large quantities. Cloning is another technique that contributes to cultivation. Cloning refers to a process characterized by cutting a tiny piece of the healthy Marijuana plant. The best part is that clones have the same genetic makeup as the mother plant. You simply need to choose the plant you want your baby plant to be like.

Marijuana Clone
How to clone marijuana

The process is simple and effective. The size of a typical clone is almost 6 inches. The growth requires a proper medium and appropriate hormones. That’s when the roots start developing. As soon as they do, it’s just another marijuana plant with characters exactly the same as the parent plant.

  • Cloning straight away saves you from the hassle of messing up with seeds and the germination process. 
  • If you’re new to the process of cultivation, it’s a good shortcut to shave off almost one month’s period. 
  • Cloning helps you grow new plants without growing male plants in your garden. 
  • Stop wasting your money on seeds when you can simply chop off a piece of an existing plant to grow a new one from it.
  • When you love a particular marijuana plant, you can cultivate the same plants through the cloning process.

Promoting Successful Rooting

Successful cloning highly depends upon the diligent performance of two main steps. You have to prepare marijuana plants by a process known as wounding. The wounding process consists of removing a layer of epidermal cells from the plant. It enhances the rate of growth to a great extent. The undifferentiated cells are triggered to grow up faster than usual. The rooting process is faster and more effective when accompanied by the wounding technique. [1]

The next step involves placing the cannabis cutting in the medium you choose to grow your plant. This process is called sticking. When carried out properly, these steps lead to the growth of a healthy Marijuana plant with all the qualities of your favorite plant. This technique is the most effective and easy one to make strains with favorable characteristics.

Setting Up Optimum Environment For Cloning

Your baby plants are too sensitive to the environment you keep them in. So make sure you’re very careful about the environment unless it hits the vegetative stage, where the plant is pretty resilient. This resilience in later stages is also a product of reasonable care in the early growth stages.

Make sure to manage light, temperature, and humidity. Before the stick process, the light intensity must be kept low. In addition, the environment must be humid in temperatures lying between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius.

The roots generally start emerging sometime between 4 to 7 days. Make sure your medium is watered daily once roots are visable. After this, you can decrease the humidity level.

Final Thoughts

The cloning process is your go-to shortcut to cultivating marijuana plants without going through complicated seed germination processes. Also, the clones are exact copies of your parent plant, which is another perk. Your genetics are your brand, the face of your quality control.


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