Get to Know Ghost Og Strain

Ghost Og Strain

For the longest time, the OG strains have been the well sought after variations. OG Kush is crossed with many strains to get the desired effects, flavors and aromas.

Ghost OG originated in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Mountains and has since gained popularity in the United States. With praises in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and many more! For those of you that have enjoyed Casper OG, this is a step above and beyond that, proven by it’s Cup Awards.

With its strong Indica Genetics, citrus, sweet and earthy tones, this cross is able to counter stress, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite and depression.

Ghost OG has a great body high, leaving you feeling Euphoric and calm.  This strain should be used lightly as it is very potent.

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