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What is RTF (Ready to Flower)

Ready to Flower The time and money saver By Cloud City Clones We see and hear the term RTF or Ready to flower all the time. Recenetly this size of plant is in high demand, and here’s why. Ready to flower plants are about 2ft or taller, they stable, ready to put outside or put […]

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Marijuana – The House Plant

Marijuana can be very easy to grow, it’s called “weed” for a reason.  As long as you have the right environment and nutrients, you’re golden. Soon there will be Cannabis plants sitting on decks and window sills, without the stigma.  Dispensaries are already becoming a common part of our “high streets” Ha. Any substance, illegal, […]

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All Teen orders including RTF sizes are pre-orders. We cut fresh from mother plants and transplant once rooted. Dismiss