Humboldt County Marijuana

Northern California produces a lot of California’s Marijuana.

Humboldt County is a densely forested mountainous, and rural county with about 110 miles of coastline, which is more than any other county in the state.

This county allows up to 4 permits PER person for cultivation

If you are among the lucky growers to gain a permit, you will need the following documentation on site:
County Conditional Use Permit/Special Permit or Zoning Clearance Certificate approved by the Planning Department.

The Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance was adopted by the Board of Supervisors became effective Friday, February 26, 2016. Which is when the Planning and Building Department  also began accepting applications for projects in the Inland Zone.  The deadline for submitting applications was December 31, 2016.

In order to remain a permitted grower you must abide by a strict policy. Once permitted a grower cannot grow what they have not previously applied for. As a permitted cultivator that  is growing outside of their permit size but is otherwise lawful the investigation becomes a county Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) issue.  This could result in loss of permit, fines and legal issues.

On August 22nd 2017, The Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization (HDSO)  started a public outreach in effort to combat un-permitted marijuana growers in residential neighborhoods.

Growing without a permit is not easy, as the gas and electric companies can easily see who is using upwards of 600% than the average household.  in 2014 there were reports of about 3,000 unauthorized grow houses in Humboldt County alone.  This has been a known issue for over a decade, leading to caps on usage with high overage charges in residential areas.

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