Marijuana and stress relief

Benefits of Marijuana for Stress Relief

Marijuana has started garnering people’s attention due to its tremendous medicinal properties for treating a variety of disorders. Stress is a mental disorder that could be dangerous if it goes untreated. Different medicines were used widely for treating this mental illness, but in addition to beneficial effects, they also produce certain side effects. Aside from treating a range of health conditions, Marijuana is also an excellent natural remedy for relieving stress.

Components of Marijuana that benefits stress relief:

The beneficial effects of Marijuana can help overcome anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and other mental disorders in addition to stress relief. There are many chemicals found in Marijuana, and all of them are beneficial against various health conditions.

But the active components of Marijuana that are known to reduce stress are CBD and THC. Both these target the mind and induce relaxation, which will help in relieving the body stress.

How Marijuana Relieve stress?

Marijuana will help stress situations as a non-harmful and no addictive remedy if taken in recommended dosage. Chemicals found in Marijuana, e.g. CBD and THC, are responsible for combating stress. There are certain benefits of Marijuana that ultimately aids in treating stress and anxiety.

Relax the body:

Stress induces restlessness in the mind and body. A stressed person will surely suffer from depression and anxiety too. Marijuana relaxes the mind and body, which will lessen the stress ultimately.

Helps to get good sleep:

A stressed person suffers from sleeplessness in addition to anxiety and depression. Good sleep is essential for peace of mind. Marijuana is known to have such beneficial effects which cause good sleep in a person and thus lead to relieving the stress.


Stress makes a person so much disturbed that he neither can work nor rest. However, this can be treated with an adequate amount of Marijuana. It will bring a state of calmness to the body, which would be helpful for quick recovery from stress.

Research outcomes:

Washington state university analyzes the benefits of Marijuana to relieve stress in a detailed research study. The outcomes of this research were very encouraging, as Marijuana lowers the stress symptoms in the ongoing research. Following are the result:

  • When stressed patients were treated with Marijuana, about 93.3% of the total showed significantly reduced symptoms of stress after this herbal therapy.
  • 4% of the total patients suffering from stress show no betterment after treatment
  • About 2.7% of the patients suffered from an increase in stress after marijuana treatment. It may be due to any particular reason, but this is just a tiny percentage.

These research statistics clearly show that Marijuana is an excellent choice of drug for relieving stress with maximum beneficial effect. Adverse effects may occur but are not common if the recommended amount of Marijuana is ingested or inhaled.

Statistics References:,feelings%20of%20depression%20over%20time.

Other Significant benefits of Marijuana:

Marijuana not only cures stress, depression, and anxiety but is equally helpful in various other abnormalities and disorders. Following are the few health benefits of Marijuana:

Peaceful Mind:

Marijuana has chemicals that have a beneficial impact on mental health; thus, it ensures a peaceful state of mind.

Treating Epilepsy:

The anti-seizure activity of Marijuana is observed in patients, so it can be used for treating epilepsy too.

Treating Schizophrenia:

Marijuana helps treat patients with schizophrenia disorder, in which patients feel difficulty in speech and losing the real sense. Patients may suffer from hallucination in this condition.

Improve Memories:

Marijuana is beneficial for prolonging memories, as there is the gradual degeneration of the mind so we may forget memories. Marijuana helps slow the degeneration process and strengthen our minds by focusing and storing memories.

Marijuana for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: 

Sometimes our brain may be badly affected by any previous trauma hitting the brain, which frequently induces stress. It is called post-traumatic stress disorder. Marijuana could be a choice drug to be used for treating this disorder. Marijuana cures this condition by increasing the brain’s serotonin level, which is beneficial for overcoming stress and depression.


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