Marijuana Clone Quality Control

Marijuana Clone Quality Control

The growing season is picking up again, as cloners, we are receiving a lot of calls regarding poor quality from other collectives and nurseries.  A lot of growers that order plants, feel obligated to take the plants upon delivery. With a good, and fair company, this is not mandatory.  Ordering with Cloud City Clones means that you are free to inspect the plants when they get there, and if you have any issues, you can decline them.

Growing Cannabis can be costly, don’t waste money on unhealthy plants.  Make sure all plants are mite and mildew free, with no wilting.  Check that they  are all labeled correctly and in the media (Rockwool, Coco or soil) that you requested.

Research companies before you order, there is plenty of information that simply googling a company can provide!

Make sure the company has a presence and reviews. Check their prices, remember too cheap isn’t always great, as you get what you pay for. Find a happy medium, most companies will haggle/ work with you on prices. If you do not feel comfortable having a delivery driver come to your house, arrange to meet in a public parking lot!

Acquiring clones should be safe and easy!

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