The Benefits of Marijuana

There are countless health benefits with marijuana use. Keep in mind too much of anything can be unhealthy.  The majority of Marijuana studies are Medical use, recreational use has not been as closely monitored as it is just recently becoming legal across the United States. So what are the benefits of Cannabis use?


In 2003 there was a study conducted and the Virginia Commonwealth University. Department of Neurology said ”¬†Ingredients in marijuana and the cannabinoid receptor protein produced naturally in the body to regulate the central nervous system and other bodily functions play a critical role in controlling spontaneous seizures in epilepsy”

For those with epilepsy or a loved one that suffers from epilepsy, this is huge! Life changing in fact. So many Men, Women and Children have already benefited from this study.  For example: There have been cases of children that were taking dozens of pills a day to decrease the amount of seizures they were having. Once they switched to even just a CBD intake, the seizures were less common, by far!  Meaning they also did not need as much medication. Amazing!



In 2007 researchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco announced that “Cannabidiol stops cancer by¬†turning off a gene called Id-1, the study, published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, found. Cancer cells make more copies of this gene than non-cancerous cells, and it helps them spread through the body.”¬† Incredible!

Mood Boosting

Harvard Univerisry did a study on the affects of Marijuana on Anxiety. in 2010 they said that if taken in low doses, marijuana reduces anxiety and boosts moods.  They also said that it acts as a sedative. Sedatives leave people relaxed.  Keep in mind, higher doses can lead to paranoia, which increases anxiety. Please use responsibly.

A Mood boost can also lighten depression, or anger. Many people suffer from a range or mood disorders.

Cannabis has been used in treatment of:

IBF,¬†Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Glaucoma, slows progression of Alzheimer’s.

Marijuana eases pain

Pain that is related to Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, pain and discomfort caused by Chemotherapy.

Calms muscle spasms, soothes tremors related to Parkinson’s Disease.

Cannabis is being used to treat those with PTSD and nightmares.

Those who drink too much alcohol have used THC to cut back on drinking.

Marijuana is used to protect the brain after a stoke. It has also be known to protect the brain from concussions and trauma.

People who suffer from eating disorders and would like to eat more, have used THC to increase metabolism and kick in the munchies.

The list of benefits goes on.  In my opinion the list of benefits out weighs the negative effects. Which are minimal.

As mentioned earlier, use every chemical in moderation, responsibly.



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