It’s time for Indoor Growing!

‘Tis the season for indoor growing! For those of us that have no outdoor space, it’s always indoor season!

Time to start thinking about the electricity bill versus harvest payout. You’ll need to make sure you are getting healthy cannabis clones from a reputable source.  Chose a clone company that has pictures of their actual product.  Pictures of there grow. Reviews help, search for the company on google.

Once you have chosen the company, give them a call. Ask them about flowering time, make sure this schedule lines up with your electricity bills.

You need high yielding plants such as Warchild or Gorilla Glue.  You will also need strong plants that you can depend on. OG’s are usually the more durable and less finicky strains out there.

For indoor Cloud City Clones uses Rockwool for initial rooting, then  the clones is transplanted into 4×4 cups of a coco blend. This helps getting the plants root bound. After a few weeks the plants are ready to move into gallon pots.  From there, your plants will grow pretty fast.

The majority of Cloud City Clones’ strains are 8-10 weeks. This is average, there are a few strain at 7 weeks, but that extra week making it 8 boosts the yield and aromas.

Start your grow now!

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