Los Angeles Clones For Sale

If you live in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, many of you wonder where to buy clones for starting your own personal grow.

There are so many cloners out there that all seem to advertise the same service.

If a clone delivery service doesn’t have any pictures of products, they probably don’t have that strain, or they are brokers for a variety of cloning companies. Meaning you don’t know what you are getting.

Find an established company, a website, an Instagram, a social media following with comments and reviews.

Call the company that chose from the Google list, or Instagram scrolling. Ask them about the strains, medias for growing and pesticides they use.  Keep in mind Eagle 20 is illegal in California because of known health issuers for consumers.

Ask if they can deliver to you, and if the delivery is discrete.  Don’t need those nosy neighbors knowing your business!

Shop around for a medium price. Too cheap means mass produced or sitting too long.  If there is a flash sale is happening, it’s make room for new healthy, good clones.

You can contact Cloud City Clones Nursery for pictures of the great grow house their plants are grown in. You can request pictures of the actual plants you will be adopting.



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