OG Strains

What are OG strains?

Anything crossed with OG Kush is usually classed as an OG.  Og Kush is an West Coast old school favorite to many of the seasoned smokers. Og Kush is crossed with so many different strains, that make up a massive OG family.



It is said that OG Kush came from the cross Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, but this is a myth and no one 100% knows who parented this strain.

The most popular phenotypes of this strain are Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Alpha OG.

OG’s are well known for their stress relief and euphoria.  Patients with Stress disorders, ADD/ADHD or migraines should out for OG Kush crosses.

This strain has amazing aromas of sour lemon, pine and earth.  A very distinct smell.


Most Og’s have a decent yield, with potent flowers, OG Kush specifically flowering for about 7-9 weeks.

Happy Growing.

Click below for OG Strains:

Ghost OG

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Master OG


Soul Assassin OG

Tahoe OG







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