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How to Clone Marijuana

Everything you Need to Know Experts are all set to help the cultivators produce extensively large varieties of Marijuana plants in large quantities. Cloning is another technique that contributes to cultivation. Cloning refers to a process characterized by cutting a tiny piece of the healthy Marijuana plant. The best part is that clones have the

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Why you should grow your own
Legalizing medical and

Legalizing medical and recreational cannabis in most states including California has enabledmany consumers to access legal cannabis from dispensaries or online cannabis stores. But theopportunity of cultivating cannabis for medical patients and adults is even more fascinating.Though the laws and regulations vary from state to state, almost every state with legalizedmarijuana allows home cultivation to

Why you should grow your own
Legalizing medical and
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Cannabis Tax

Are high taxes on Marijuana a good thing? As Marijuana has been recreationally legal for about a year now in California, we are seeing the pros and cons. State taxes help with roads, schools, policing and other government funded needs we have. Check your states taxes here: Click   On the other hand, to avoid

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When will Marijuana be Federally Legal?

Could Cannabis become Federally legal in the United States? As we see individual States across the USA legalize Marijuana, we wonder if it will ever be ACTUALLY legal.  Cannabis has forever been in it’s own gray area. Is it medicinal, addictive, psychosis causing?  People never get a concrete answer due to opposing propaganda. With new

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Keeping Clones Alive

If you’re thinking about purchasing Clones, or have already here are some tips that will hopefully help in keeping clones alive through to harvest! With all the choices out there for growing cannabis, some choose to grow from seeds, this is just so they know that it was fed all organic from the start, Others

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Get to Know Ghost Og Strain

Ghost Og Strain For the longest time, the OG strains have been the well sought after variations. OG Kush is crossed with many strains to get the desired effects, flavors and aromas. Ghost OG originated in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Mountains and has since gained popularity in the United States. With praises in Los Angeles, Seattle, Las

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