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Oklahoma Begins Medical Marijuana Approval Process, Issuing First Patient Licenses

Cannabis has been a pressing issue in Oklahoma lately. Earlier this summer, voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana. Since then, the state has been moving fast to implement the new program. As Oklahoma begins the medical marijuana approval process, issuing its first patient licenses, the state has taken a big step toward making medical […]

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Federal Legalization at Glacier Speed (Slow)

The last ten years have been revolutionary for marijuana legalization, with more than 40 cannabis-related bills floating around the House of Representatives alone in this Congress, along with countless others in the Senate, numerous decriminalization bills already exist, yet we can only hope for legalization and/or decriminalization in our near future. State and local levels move quickly, yet […]

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Marijuana News Cannabis Seizure Treatment Gets Positive Review From FDA

JUST IN! Marijuana plant reduces seizures in children with severe forms of epilepsy and warrants approval in the United States, health officials said Tuesday. British drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals is seeking permission to sell its purified form of an ingredient found in cannabis — one that doesn’t get users high (CBD) — as a medication […]

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Recreational Marijuana in California

It has been a long journey, there have been many steps that led up to recreational marijuana in California. What marijuana laws are already in Place for California? 1996 Proposition 215: California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana.  This included the Subsequent legislation Senate Bill 420 in 2003, which created a basis […]

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Dabs, What are Dabs?

Dabbing has been around for about a decade.  For the old school smokers, this seems like some new fad.  It looks like a lab set up, with glass, goo and a torch. So what is a dab? It’s a concentrated Cannabis dose of extracted THC and CBD by using butane/carbon dioxide.  The amber, golden honey […]

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Buying Clones in a Competitive Market

Buying Clones in Today’s Market Who do you trust when everyone is competing with keywords like organic, clean, healthy and even feminized.  The majority of the time this is all just words used to grab our attention.  We have received mites, mildew and males most of which smell of the chemicals they have been sprayed […]

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